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Denver Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are often serious injuries resulting in life-changing consequences and extensive medical treatment. Our Denver spinal cord injury lawyers help clients get the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve. Spinal cord injuries are among the most common injuries in accidents including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents and workplace injuries. The spinal cord is a critical part of the structure of your body as well as the path for information between your brain and body. When the spinal cord suffers an injury, you can experience a wide range of problems that affect your daily life. You need a personal injury lawyer with expertise in these injuries to help you get the best care and the best outcome for your case.

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    Why Trust Front Range Injury Attorneys?

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. We believe clients are best served when our personal injury attorneys participate in their cases from start to finish. We help our clients get the best treatment for their injuries. By building up your case from the beginning, we build a strong case to get the best results.

    No Fee Unless You Win

    Our law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us until you get paid.

    Expertise with spinal cord injuries

    Our Denver personal injury attorneys are experts in spinal cord injury cases and know how to get you the help you need and fight for maximum recovery for your injuries. We get proven results with a 98% success rate.

    Communication is our commitment

    We maintain communication with you through your case. We want you to know what's going on with your case and the work we're doing for you.

    How we can help you

    Watch this video to see managing attorney Adam Kielich discuss spinal cord injuries and how our law firm can help you recover for your losses.

    Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys to discuss your Colorado spinal cord injury case. We offer free case reviews for injury and accident cases across the state. 

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    Denver Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

    Why you need a spinal cord injury attorney in Denver

    Taking on your spinal cord injury claim on your own risks the insurance company taking advantage of you to reduce the value of your case. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible on your case. They will use their experience to take advantage of your inexperience. 

    A common tactic insurance companies use when you don’t hire a personal injury attorney is to settle your case quickly for as little money as possible. They want to settle before you receive necessary medical treatment and understand the severity of your spine injury. You might sign away your case for a few thousand dollars only to discover you were injured far worse than you thought. You may spend more out of pocket to get treatment than the insurance company paid. 

    Hiring a knowledgeable attorney levels the playing field. Our spinal cord injury attorneys understand the complexity of these injuries and how to fight for a fair resolution to your case. If the insurance company will not settle your case for fair value, we can represent you in a spinal cord injury trial in Denver. We handle the legal issues so you can focus on getting better. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys to schedule your free consultation today with our experienced legal team.

    Doctor treating a spinal cord injury in Denver
    MRI for spinal cord injury in Colorado

    How much is my spinal cord injury case worth?

    Spinal cord injury case value can vary significantly depending upon the type and severity of injury. Very minor spine trauma might be worth only a few thousand dollars with minor treatment. A paralyzing spine injury requiring surgery and long term care may result in a multi-million dollar outcome. Determining the precise value for your case depends on the facts and circumstances involved in your case. Your personal injury attorney will evaluate your case and demand fair value based upon the facts of your case. Some of the factors determining the outcome of your spine injury case include:

    • The type of injuries to your spine
    • The severity of the injury or injuries
    • The symptoms the injury caused, such as pain and loss of mobility
    • How those symptoms affected your life
    • How long they affected your life
    • The modes of treatment you received
    • Whether you followed the treatment plan recommended by your physician
    • What modes of treatment failed to resolve your injury
    • The amount of medical bills accrued for treatment
    • Any lost earnings or out of pocket costs
    • The extent of long term or permanent effects of the injury
    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we treat each client as an individual and evaluate your case based upon your experience. We understand that a spinal cord injury can have a real impact on your life. We work hard to develop your case and fight for maximum compensation for what you experienced. Contact our spinal cord injury lawyers in Denver for a free case review and learn more about how we can help you.

    What damages can I get in Colorado after a spine injury?

    Damages refer to the economic and non-economic harm you experienced as a result of your spinal injury. In an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit the compensation you receive is related to the damages you suffered as a result of an accident. Under Colorado personal injury law, you are entitled to recover both economic and non-economic damages. Your spinal cord injury attorney will evaluate all types of damages you experienced to make sure we pursue the maximum compensation on your case.

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages in a personal injury case typically surround the cost of treatment and lost earnings caused by your injury. In a spine injury case, these may include:

    • Past medical bills
    • Future medical expenses
    • Surgeries
    • Rehabilitation
    • Home care
    • Vehicle or home modifications
    • Lost wages
    • Lost capacity to earn the same income
    • Out of pocket losses
    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages include the physical, mental and emotional effects of the injury. Unlike economic damages, we cannot rely upon a medical bill or paychecks to determine the exact amount of these damages. Your spinal injury lawyer will use knowledge and experience to advise of fair amounts under Colorado law. Non-economic damages may include:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost quality of life
    • Mental anguish
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of consortium 

    What is the spinal cord?

    The spinal cord is a column of nerves that run from the brain to the bottom of your torso, surrounded by vertebrae and spinal discs. Nerves connecting to the rest of the body pass through the spinal column and connect to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system and responsible for communicating control of bodily functions, sensations and movement from the brain through the rest of the nervous system.

    What are the types of spinal cord injuries?

    Damage to the spinal cord can result in life-threatening injuries. Injuries to the spinal column, including discs and vertebrae, cause injuries to the spinal cord and nerve roots that exit the spinal column. Damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots can cause loss of sensation or strength, loss of bodily functions and even catastrophic injuries such as paralysis.

    Spine injury

    Complete spinal cord injuries

    A complete spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord resulting in total loss of control and feeling in the body parts connected to the spine below the injury. The cord may sever in a catastrophic accident; however, this can also occur due to trauma that does not sever it. A complete spinal cord injury will result in quadriplegia in the neck or upper body. A complete spinal cord injury in the lower spine will result in paraplegia.

    Incomplete spinal cord injuries

    Most spine injuries result in an incomplete spinal cord injury. An incomplete injury means there is some degree of motor or sensory function below the spine injury. This trauma may be short term and heal completely or result in permanent partial loss of function or sensation. These injuries may include:

    • Spinal strains or sprains
    • Bulging, herniated, or ruptured discs
    • Vertebral fractures 
    • Hyperflexion (overextension)
    • Compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots exiting the spine
    • Partial severing of the cord or nerve roots
    • Paralysis

    Symptoms of a spinal cord injury

    After an accident or other event affecting your spine, such as a motor vehicle collision or fall, symptoms of an injury may or may not arise right away. Sometimes symptoms of a spine injury do not become noticeable until hours or even days later. If you have injury symptoms in other parts of your body, such as head trauma or a shoulder injury, you may feel pain generally everywhere. It may not be obvious that your spine is the source of pain and other symptoms. 

    You may be surprised by the symptoms you experience from a spinal cord injury. Symptoms often appear in other parts of  your body or with sensations that do not seem related to your spine. These symptoms include:

    • Inability to position your back or neck in its normal position
    • Pain in or around the spine
    • Feeling of pressure or stiffness in and around the spine
    • Pain in other body parts such as arms, shoulders, pelvis and legs
    • Numbness or tingling anywhere in your body
    • Trouble walking or maintaining balance
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Altered sensations to temperature or textures
    • Loss of feeling or control over movement
    • Loss of bladder or bowel control
    • Reflex spasms
    • Sexual dysfunction

    As soon as you begin to feel potential symptoms of a spinal cord injury, limit movement. Moving the wrong way could make the injury worse. Call 911 and go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. 

    Doctor diagnosing a spinal cord injury after an accident

    Our Denver spinal cord injury attorneys understand that spinal cord injuries can be terrifying and completely upset your life. We help our clients obtain treatment with prestigious physicians who have experience with traumatic injuries caused in auto accidents, falls and other sources of spine injuries. We never refer clients to unqualified providers who care about putting money in their pocket more than they care about your well-being.

    We believe clients who receive the best treatment also receive the best outcome from their case. Contact us for a free case review to learn more about how we can help you.

    Common causes of spinal cord injuries

    More than 250,000 people in the United States live with a spinal cord injury and 17,000 new spinal cord injuries occur each year. Common causes include damage to the vertebrae, discs and ligaments of the spine. More severe injuries often result from damage to the cord itself such as a penetrating injury or a traumatic blow that crushes or dislocates vertebrae.

    The most common causes of spinal cord injury include:

    • Auto accidents: car accidents and motorcycle accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injures. Auto accidents account for almost half of all spinal cord injuries.
    • Falls: Falls account for more than 15% of spine injuries. In senior citizens, they are the number one cause of spinal trauma.
    • Knife and gunshot wounds: Acts of violence cause more than 10% of spinal injuries in the U.S.
    • Sports and recreation: Impact sports, like football, account for 10% of spinal cord injuries. (Source)

    Other accidents and acts of negligence can lead to spine injuries, such as bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and truck accidents. 

    How long do I have to file a spinal cord injury claim in Colorado?

    Under Colorado law, you must file a lawsuit for your spinal injury claim within the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for most personal injury claims is two years from the date the injury occurred or was discovered. That deadline extends to three years for a motor vehicle collision. Like most legal rules, there are exceptions. For example, different deadlines apply for wrongful death claims, minors who suffer injuries, or certain claims for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. You must settle your claim or file your personal injury lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs. If you do not settle or file a lawsuit before the deadline, your chance to obtain recovery has likely expired.

    Other deadlines may apply to your case that set earlier deadlines. If your claim involves a government agency in Colorado, you must file a special notice within just 182 days. If you do not file this notice before the deadline in the correct manner, you can lose the right to pursue a claim against a Colorado entity.

    This is one of many reasons to hire a knowledgeable Denver spinal cord injury attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys will assess your case and the applicable deadlines so we can pursue your case in a timely manner. 

    Get help from our law firm today

    For many of our clients, a spinal cord injury is the worst physical condition they have experienced. After a traumatic injury, the last thing you want is to add the traumatic experience of trying to fight with insurance companies and figure out how to get yourself medical care. Our attorneys can’t heal your injury but we will ease the burden of the experience. We help our spinal cord injury clients obtain the medical care they need. We will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and financial losses.

    Our Denver spinal cord injury lawyers help clients with a wide range of spine injuries from relatively minor to life-altering or even fatal injuries. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free and confidential case review. 

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