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Trauma, like car accidents, is the most common type of neck injury. If you suffered a neck injury in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, we can help. Our Denver neck injury lawyers help clients get the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve. Neck injuries caused by trauma can occur in a number of ways and can range from minor pain to total paralysis. These accident injuries can lead to significant economic and non-economic effects on your life. The Denver personal injury lawyers at Front Range Injury Attorneys can help you recover compensation for your injuries, losses and other harm caused by a neck injury. Contact our neck injury attorneys today for a free case review.

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    Denver Neck Injury Attorney

    Types of neck injuries

    Neck injuries can occur from a variety of causes, including trauma and degeneration. According to medical researchers, trauma is the leading cause of neck injuries. Among the most common types of neck injuries include:

    • Spinal cord damage: Accidents often cause spinal cord injuries to the neck and back. Car wrecks, motorcycle crashes and other accidents can disrupt the vertebrae and other supportive tissue around the spinal cord leading to injuries in the cervical spine. 
    • Whiplash: Whiplash injuries, often referred to as acceleration-deceleration motions, are common in rear-end collision. This occurs when the head and neck are thrown in one direction and then snap back in reverse. Whiplash often causes damage to the soft tissues of the neck but can cause far more serious damage. Common symptoms include pain, stiffness, headaches, dizziness, tingling, numbness, or weakness. Numbness, tingling and weakness can extend from the neck through the shoulders, arms and hands.
    • Sprains and strains: neck injuries caused by car accidents and other traumatic events often cause soft tissue injuries to the muscles and ligaments around the cervical spine.
    • Nerve pinch injury: A nerve compressed in the neck can cause sharp sensations through the neck and arms. Often short term nerve pinches are referred to as stingers or burners.
    • Disc injury: More serious neck trauma can cause injuries to the soft discs between vertebrae. When the disc suffer injuries they can cause vertebrae or spinal joints to compress the spinal cord or nerves causing pain and other sensations.
    • Vertebral fracture: Even more extreme cervical trauma can fracture one or more vertebrae in the neck. These injuries are medical emergencies as they can result in paralysis or death.

    Treatment for cervical spine injuries

    The cervical spine is the medical term for the spinal column between the shoulders and skull. The cervical vertebrae (C0-C7) support the head and neck, provide a passage for the spinal cord and connect the nerves in the shoulders and arms to the spinal cord. Treating injuries to the cervical spine can vary depending upon the type and severity of injury. Some common forms of neck injury treatment include:

    • Physical therapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Chiropractic
    • Pain management
    • Radiofrequency ablations
    • Steroid injections
    • Trigger point injections
    • Disc surgery
    • Vertebral surgery
    • Vertebral fusion

    Often victims of accidents like motor vehicle collisions require more than one form of treatment and may require months or years of treatment. It is vital that you receive appropriate and prompt medical care and diagnosis for your injuries. Our Denver neck injury attorney can help you obtain necessary medical treatment for your injuries. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys today to schedule your free consultation with our experienced legal team.

    Common causes of neck injuries

    The neck is a vital but vulnerable body part. Force exerted on the body can cause a neck injury due to whiplash type forces even when there is no contact with the neck or head. Common causes of neck injuries include:

    If you suffered cervical injuries due to one or these accidents, our Denver neck injury lawyers can help you pursue compensation for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. 

    Who is liable for neck injuries under Colorado personal injury law?

    Colorado personal injury law generally allows you to recover compensation from a negligent party who caused your neck injury. For example, a traffic crashed caused by a negligent driver who was distracted or drunk driving, would allow you to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver and the driver’s insurance company. Liability for an accident often involves several legal and factual issues in the circumstances that resulted in the accident. Our Denver neck injury attorneys will investigate your case to determine who is liable for your injuries and damages to ensure we can pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. 

    Contact our Denver law firm today

    If you suffered neck injuries due to someone else’s negligence, our Denver neck injury lawyers can help. We are experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys who have helped clients recover millions for cervical spine injuries. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation. 

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