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Interested in sharing your lawyer or law firm expertise with a captive, interested audience? Got an interesting piece of legal news, legal analysis, law update, or other lawyer discussion you think our audience would love to read? Let us know and you could be our next guest blogger. We’re always looking for talented legal writers in the lawyer marketing space.

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If you’re like our website management and well versed in organic search engine optimization techniques, you understand the value of guest posts on other relevant, high-authority domains. Our legal website is the platform you’re looking for–to post lawyer and law firm content to help spread the news about your law firm and attorneys. A place to publish your legal marketing relevant articles for yourself or on behalf of your attorney clients.

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If so, congratulations, you’re at the right law website. Be sure to thoroughly review the contributor guidelines below and contact us to submit a post for consideration.

What We’re Looking For In A Construction Guest Post

We’re always seeking unique, relevant well-written posts. Please no posts that have already been published elsewhere or spun content from existing articles or blog posts. Your post should be 1000+ words, double-checked for proper spelling and grammar and be able to pass a Copyscape review. We will not publish legal content unless it is original, well-written and helpful for readers.

The best written content will provide clear information or answers to a legal topic. Citations to cases, statutes, regulations and other sources of law are useful and help validate the information. We may reject lawyer content if it does not reasonably identify the source of laws discussed in the post. Links to other legal sites are not required but readers should be able to identify what to search to find secondary sources.

Once your post has been published on our site, then and only then are you permitted to republish your article elsewhere. You retain the rights to your content but to obtain the highest value from your guest post, we request time for your guest post here to be crawled and indexed before syndicating to other sites. Publishing the same post to other law sites at the same time may confuse search engines and result in devaluing your post here.

You may include any number of links pointing to relevant supporting authority websites. You may however, only include one link pointing back to your own or your client’s website within the article text. There will be NO AFFILIATE links allowed. We may reject guest posts if we believe the included links are harmful or irrelevant. We will generally include iframes, video, podcast and other secondary content in your post as long as it is relevant, helpful and not harmful.

We encourage you to provide one image to included in the post. We may include a stock photo or generated photo if you do not. We will reject posts that include images that are inappropriate, irrelevant, or harmful to the reputation of the site.

Guest Post Legal Topics We Cover

We’re interested in a wide range of legal content even if it is not explicitly a legal subject we typically discuss in our own published articles and posts. As long as the content is helpful, well written and relevant to the rest of the site, we will consider your guest post. We will publish articles on legal topics including:

  • Legal Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Personal Injury Guest Post Articles
  • Auto Accident Guest Post Articles
  • Employment Law Guest Post Articles
  • Family Law Guest Post Articles
  • Colorado Law Guest Post Articles
  • Legal Industry News Guest Post Articles
  • Criminal Law Guest Post Articles
  • Estate Planning Guest Post Articles
  • Business Law Guest Post Articles
  • Law Firm News and Press Release Guest Post Articles

Most of our legal website involves lawyer topics around personal injury law; however, as you can see, we post content regarding other areas of law. If you’re not sure whether or not your article is a fit for our platform, please feel free to reach out to us. We also own two other authoritative legal websites that may be a better fit for your content or you may wish to post additional articles on our other lawyer sites. Normally we’ll accept any relevant well written articles touching upon the above industries and popular sub-niches such as:

  • Legal marketing, seo and digital marketing
  • Legal how-to articles
  • Lawyer and legal industry news
  • Legislative, regulatory and judicial law updates
  • News and press releases for lawyers and law firms
  • Q&A and FAQ for law questions
  • Popular news subjects that touch on legal issues
  • And much more…

If you wish to submit a guest post, please send us a brief explanation of the guest post you wish to offer so we can determine if we are the right publisher for your content. Please submit it through the form below or on our contact page.

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