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Big law firm experience with a small law firm relationship

Managing attorney Adam Kielich started Front Range Injury Attorneys to offer clients the expertise and experience of large personal injury law firms with the client relationship that a small law firm provides. After years working in some of the largest injury and accident firms in Colorado and representing thousands of clients, he has the knowledge and experience to deliver value on cases big and small.  Adam left big firm practice to deliver a different experience for clients, where he can work to get you the best results for your case and give you the attention and relationship you deserve. At our Denver law firm, we take the attorney-client relationship seriously. 

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    You hire a law firm to work with an attorney, not a paralegal

    We believe every client hires a law firm to work with attorneys. We also believe only attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your case to the best results. Many law firms rely on paralegals or case managers to perform the majority of work on their cases. The firm may expect them to advise you and some even leave it to staff to negotiate settlements. You might hear from your attorney once or twice over your entire case at some law firms. Not here.

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys, our Denver personal injury lawyers roll up their sleeves and put in hard work for you. Our lawyers put their knowledge and experience to work every step of the way to advise you and build your case to its highest potential. You never need to worry about paralegals negotiating your case at our Denver law firm.

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    We LIKE talking to our clients

    At some personal injury law firms, it is a feat to get somebody on the phone to give you an update on your case, let alone ever talk to an attorney. Managing attorney Adam Kielich personally saw sometimes months go by without any contact between the law firm and client. That is not acceptable. At Front Range Injury Attorneys, client communication is extremely important. 

    Some law firms treat talking to a client once a month as an ideal. At our Denver law firm, that is our floor. You might get tired of hearing from us, but we’re never tired of fighting for you.

    You deserve to know about your case

    Our clients never feel abandoned or lost about the status of their case. You can count on us to keep you informed about your case and never feel like we dropped the ball.

    Client contact is vital to our work

    Our attorneys need to know what is going on with your injuries and treatment to perform our work for you. If you haven't heard from your attorney in months, chances are your case hasn't been worked in months, either.

    Cooperation delivers the best results

    By working together, our attorneys can maximize the value of your case at every step and make sure you get the best treatment for your injuries and the most money for your damages.

    Your case is personal and deserves personal attention

    Your injury case is unique and the only way for your attorney to treat your case that way is to have the time and attention to understand every inch of it. You deserve a law firm that treats you like a person and not another file number among hundreds of cases. Our attorneys work with clients to get exceptional medical treatment to heal from their injuries and produce maximum value on every case. 

    Watch this video to see managing attorney Adam Kielich talk about what makes our Denver law firm different.

    Frequently asked questions

    What should you look for in a personal injury lawyer?

    Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not as easy of a task as it might seem. There are hundreds of law firms across Colorado representing clients for injury and accident cases. Not every personal injury lawyer or law firm is a great fit for every case. 

    You should consider many factors, including:

    • Knowledge of the laws involved in your case
    • Knowledge of the medical industry and the injuries you suffered
    • Extensive experience working on cases with similar facts and injuries to yours
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Strong communication skills
    • Specialization in personal injury law
    • Compassion towards you and your situation created by your injuries
    • A record of success

    How do I pay for a personal injury lawyer to take my case?

    Most personal injury law firms in Colorado, including ours, take injury and accident cases on a contingency fee. That means the law firm only gets paid when it wins your case. You pay nothing up front and the law firm receives a percentage of the amount recovered on your case. 

    After a collision or other incident causing an injury, you probably do not have money to pay a retainer to hire an attorney on an hourly basis. If you have money, you probably need that money to pay for medical care. A contingency fee means you don't have to choose between paying your doctor or your lawyer.

    Can a small law firm handle big cases?

    Absolutely. Front Range Injury Attorneys has the knowledgeable attorneys and resources to go the distance with your case, no matter how big or small. 

    Big law firms often assign cases to one attorney, so although the law firm may employ dozens of attorneys, it doesn't mean more than one attorney will work on your case. The difference is, our attorneys don't work hundreds of cases at a time. We don't have to work as many cases as possible to keep running TV ads. We develop cases for their full potential.

    If we feel we are not the right law firm for your case, we'll tell you. We only take clients when we believe we can add value to their case and help them.

    What kind of cases do you take?

    Our Denver, Colorado personal injury law firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

    • car accidents
    • slip and fall injuries
    • truck accidents
    • motorcycle accidents
    • electric scooter accidents
    • wrongful death
    • product liability
    • workplace injuries

    If we're not the right law firm for your case, we'll let you know. We don't believe in taking cases if we are not confident we have the expertise to deliver the best results for clients. We care about the quality of our work.

    Where is your law firm located?

    Front Range Injury Attorneys is located in Denver, Colorado. Our main office is located at 2590 Welton Street in the Curtis Park neighborhood. Curtis Park is part of the larger Five Points. Our law firm office is a mere block away from the iconic Five Points intersection.


    Curtis Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver and an early suburb to downtown Denver. Over time it changed hands as the city evolved over the twentieth century. In the mid to late twentieth century, Curtis Park and surrounding neighborhoods became prominent black communities. Growth within Denver has resulted in renewed interest in the area leading to increased density, revitalizing commercial buildings and struggles for the existing community.


    Five Points is an official city designation for an area spanning most of Curtis Park, River North Arts District (RiNo), Ballpark and several other communities north of downtown. The City and County of Denver divides the city into several official neighborhoods for government purposes that do not always align with the city's historical communities. Parts of the historic Curtis Park neighborhood fall within the Central Business District and Union Station official neighborhoods.


    Popular destinations in the Five Points and Curtis Park area include:

    • Larimer Square
    • Black American West Museum
    • Curtis Park Creamery
    • Hop Alley
    • Coors Field
    • Denver Central Market


    The area is a large, popular area of Denver with a wide range of restaurants, bars, breweries, community events and other attractions. Front Range Injury Attorneys is proud to call Curtis Park its home.



    Tell us about your case

    We understand that injuries from a collision or other incident can have a devastating effect on your life and finances. You deserve better than being just another file or turned over to a paralegal. Our law firm puts your case in the hands of an attorney with the experience and expertise to fight for you and get the most money possible. Contact our firm today for a free case review. Let us help you stop worrying about what to do next and start taking care of your injuries.

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