Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Front Range Injury Attorneys helps people injured through no fault of their own with a wide range of auto accidents, insurance claims and serious bodily injuries.

We understand when you are hurt due to another person’s negligence, it can turn your entire life upside down. Juggling medical treatment, paying bills, missing work and taking care of your family is a struggle, especially when you’re in pain and every task is more challenging. On top of all of that, you’re left wondering what happens next. Our Denver personal injury attorneys are here to help. We help clients across Colorado get exceptional medical treatment and fight to recover the money you deserve. Here are some of the ways we help people get their lives back on track.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hit and Run Accidents

Autonomous Vehicle Injuries

Distracted Driver Accidents

Road Construction Accidents

Light Rail Accidents

Taxi Accidents

Rear-End Accidents

RTD Bus Accidents

Limousine Accidents

Head-On Collisions

School Bus Accidents

Boating & Watercraft Accidents

Personal Injury Claims

Swimming Pool Accidents

Hot Water & Scalding Burns

Serious Bodily Injuries

Burn Injuries

Neck Injuries

Eye Injuries

Falling Objects Injuries

Fractures & Broken Bones

Workplace Injuries

Defective Safety Equipment

Excavation Accidents

Demotion Accidents

Roadway Construction Worker Accidents

Roofer Accidents

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