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Denver Excavation Accident Attorney

Excavation and trenching rank among the most dangerous jobs in the construction injury. This job comes with risks of flooding and injuries from soil and equipment. If you’ve been hurt in an excavation accident, our Denver excavation accident attorney can help. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review of your excavation accident injuries. Excavation work can be extremely dangerous due to instable trenches, heavy equipment and property conditions. Workers can suffer serious or even fatal accidents due to careless or negligent work and failure to follow OSHA regulations. Our Denver excavation accident attorneys help victims of excavation incidents recover for their injuries and damages. Contact our Denver law office to learn more about how we can help you.

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    Denver Excavation Accident Attorney

    Excavation and trenching statistics

    Hazards arising from trench and excavation work are known within the industry and preventable. Unfortunately, serious injuries from excavation accidents continue to occur. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) indicate:

    • 45 workers die on average each year from trenching or excavation cave-ins
    • 54 workers die annually from excavation accidents
    • 68% of excavation and trenching fatalities occur in companies with fewer than 50 workers and half occur in companies with 10 or fewer workers

    Common causes of excavation accidents in Colorado

    Excavation accidents often occur when contractors or construction companies fail to adhere to OSHA standards. Improperly trained and supervised workers may be expected to excavate without proper equipment. A lack of training, supervision and equipment greatly increases the likelihood of injuries. Excavation accidents include:

    • Cave-in or collapse: workers may be crushed or buried by a trench collapsing, causing serious or fatal injuries, including asphyxiation (suffocation)
    • Heavy machinery injuries: large, dangerous equipment used too close to a trench can fall in, injuring workers
    • Falls: unguarded excavation sites that are not properly stabilized can result in workers falling in or causing a cave-in
    • Falling loads: loads that fall from above an excavation site or trench can result in serious injuries to workers below

    OSHA standards for excavations and trenching

    OSHA regulates the safety of excavation and trenching under federal law. Among the regulations include requirements for daily inspections by a competent person prior to beginning work for the day. A competent person is an individual capable of identifying existing or predictable hazards, dangerous or unsanitary conditions and authorized to take corrective measures. Additional OSHA requirements include:

    • Testing for low oxygen, toxic gases and hazardous fumes
    • Not working under raised loads
    • Inspecting trenches at the beginning of each shift and after precipitation
    • Keeping surcharge loads a minimum distance from trench edges
    • Maintaining a distance between trenches and heavy equipment
    • Knowing where underground utilities are located


    Who is liable for excavation injuries?

    A business, employer, contractor, property owner, or other party may be liable for excavation injuries. Many parties may share joint liability for injuries. Your Denver excavation accident attorney must investigate all potential parties involved in the excavation for liability including:

    • Your employer and co-workers
    • Subcontractors
    • Property owners
    • Manufacturers
    • Materials suppliers
    • Negligent equipment operators or drivers
    • Landowners

    Depending upon the relationship of the responsible parties to you, you may have multiple avenues to pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. Our Denver excavation accident lawyers will review all possible options to determine the best course of action resulting in the best outcome. We may pursue one or more insurance companies for liability coverage. If your employer is liable, we may pursue workers’ compensation benefits to obtain maximum benefits possible. 

    Contact our Denver excavation accident lawyers today

    If you suffered serious injury or lost a family member due to an excavation accident, contact Front Range Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. Our Denver excavation accident attorneys help clients on a contingency basis which means we only get paid legal fees if we settle or win your case. Additionally, our lawyers are available for free case reviews so there is no risk to contacting our law firm to discuss your case and learn about your legal rights.

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