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Front Range Injury Attorneys helps Colorado personal injury victims from our Denver, Colorado main office. Contact us 24/7 to tell us about your case. We offer free consultations so you can speak with one of our experienced and award-winning lawyers today about your legal rights.

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Why people choose Front Range Injury Attorneys

Very responsive!
Alex Booth
Alex Booth
I would highly recommended! From the moment I contacted them, I felt like I was in good hands. The team was so friendly and responsive. I was never able to speak with a lawyer. utterly turned me off! I had a terrific experience working with Adam and his team, and I spoke with Adam about my case right away. :)
Leroy Studer
Leroy Studer
Excellent work, highly knowledgable, and informed me of what to expect at each stage of my case including an automobile accident.
Sabrina Wade
Sabrina Wade
Fantastic personal injury attorneys!!
Clark Marks
Clark Marks
Thank you for being an honest and knowledgeable attorney!
David Watson
David Watson
I had the pleasure of working with Front Range Injury Attorneys for my personal injury case, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. From the moment I contacted them, I felt like I was in good hands. The team was so friendly and attentive, and they really took the time to explain the process to me every step of the way.
Fashina David
Fashina David
Adam and his team were great to work with. Very responsive and knew his stuff! If I need a personal injury lawyer in the future I know who to call.
Paul Barnes
Paul Barnes
Find our Denver, Colorado office

Our Denver, Colorado law office is located on Welton Street just blocks away from the iconic Five Points. Although technically in Curtis Park, this area is part of the larger official Five Points on the north-northeast side of downtown. Our law office is immediately in front of the RTD 25th-Welton light rail station. 

The Denver office is centrally located with easy access to Denver and surrounding Colorado cities. The office is just blocks away from Colorado Boulevard and Colfax. It is just minutes away from both Interstate 25 and Interstate 70. 

While visiting our law office you may elect to spend time at nearby destinations such as Coors Field, Mile High Stadium, Denver Botanical Gardens, City Park, the Denver Zoo and the many shops and restaurants in the River North Arts District. 

Please note that appointments at our Denver office is currently by appointment only.  

Transportation Options to our Denver office

Our Denver, Colorado law office is easily accessible by many forms of transportation. The building is located at the intersection of 25th Street and Welton Street. It is easily accessible by driving and ample parking is easily available. Parking is limited to street parking on any nearby streets. Although it is metered parking, it is inexpensive and clients will not have a difficult time finding parking nearby during business hours. The building is easily accessible by rideshare as well. 

Our Denver office is also easily accessible by public transportation. The RTD 25th-Welton light rail stop is directly in front of our office for easy access. 

Pedestrians and cyclists can easily reach our office in the friendly Curtis Park neighborhood. 

COVID-19 Policy

Our Denver office follows all COVID precautions required by Denver, Colorado and the CDC. Currently we are not under any required COVID precautions, however, we take the health and safety of our employees and visitors seriously.


At this time, our office is closed to walk-in appointments. All appointments are by appointment-only. 


With the spread of alternatives to in-person meetings, we encourage all meetings to occur remotely when possible through video conferencing or phone. We understand, however,  technical or physical limitations may make those forms of communication burdensome. We will make appropriate accommodations. 


We ask that anybody experiencing symptoms of illness to advise our office before arriving for a scheduled appointment. In most cases we will reschedule your appointment or suggest an alternative format (such as video meeting or phone call). If we have any concerns about a health risk, we may ask you to leave our office or wear a mask.


We do not require masks but encourage people to take precautions they deem necessary. 


All staff members are encouraged to avoid the office if experiencing any symptoms of illness and obtain COVID-19 testing. If you observe a staff member with symptoms of COVID-19 in the office, please alert the managing attorney immediately.


If you have questions about this policy prior to an in-person appointment, please contact our Denver office.

In Person Meetings by Appointment Only

Currently our Denver, Colorado law office is available for in-person meetings by appointment only. 

Front Range Injury Attorneys understands that people sometimes prefer to meet face to face with their attorney. We appreciate your desire to meet with us and that a face to face meeting can often build trust that a phone call or even video conference cannot. 

 In our attorneys’ experiences, often clients come to the Denver office only to spend more time in traffic and parking than they spend in our office. We do not want you to feel disappointed or that we do not value your time. We also understand that our clients have busy schedules and limited time to compete for meetings at our Denver office and sometimes several medical appointments in the same week. It is important for personal injury clients to prioritize their treatment. 

We encourage clients to consider speaking with us over the phone or by video conference to respect your time. Following COVID-19, our law firm adopted the same communication technology as many other companies. We have also adopted procedures to allow our employees to work remotely. Scheduling office appointments also requires coordinating attorney and staff schedules. 

If you require an in-person appointment, please let us know so we can schedule appropriately. 

Attorney Referrals

Front Range Injury Attorneys is a 100% plaintiff’s personal injury law firm. We do not accept cases representing defendants or people who need help in other areas of law. Generally, our practice is limited to Denver, surrounding cities and other cities along the Colorado front range. 


From time to time we receive requests to represent clients and non-clients in other areas of law or other states. We are happy to make referrals when appropriate. If we do not have trusted names to refer, we generally make referrals to the Colorado Bar Association or Denver Bar Association.


If you are an attorney who would like to send us referrals or receive referrals from our Denver law office, please contact the firm by phone at 720.826.4399.

Careers & Internships

Thank you for considering an employment relationship with Front Range Injury Attorneys.


At this time, we do not have any job openings. If you would like to submit your resume for future opportunities, please send it by email to [email protected] with a cover letter explaining the opportunities you seek.


We also do not have any opportunities for law student or college internships. It is our goal to open these opportunities in the near future. 

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