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Denver Autonomous Vehicle Injury Attorney

Autonomous vehicles are an emerging and imperfect technology. New legal issues involving injuries caused by these vehicles create challenges for accident victims.  Our Denver autonomous vehicle injury attorney can help you recover compensation.  Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review today. An increasing number of tech and car companies are working on autonomous or self-driving vehicles. These include Tesla, Google as well as auto manufacturers. Legal questions about liability and insurance can make it difficult for people injured by autonomous vehicles to recover compensation for their damages. Our Denver autonomous vehicle injury lawyers help Coloradans recover maximum compensation for their medical bills, lost earnings and injuries. Contact our Denver, Colorado law office to learn more about how we can help you.

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    Denver Autonomous Vehicle Injury Attorney

    What are autonomous vehicles?

    Autonomous vehicles are self-driving cars. These vehicles are capable of driving to a set destination using sensors, cameras and various other technologies. As part of the self-driving technology they incorporate driver-assist technology including:

    • Anti-lock brake by wire systems
    • GPS navigation technology
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Active steering
    • Lasers and radar

    Autonomous vehicle accidents

    Most traffic collisions result from driver error or negligence. Although self-driving car technology aspires to eliminate human error causing car accidents and technologies, the technology has not reached that goal. Since autonomous driving technology began to appear in cars in 2014, there have been autonomous vehicle accidents.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a study indicating nearly 400 car accidents occur annually due to cars with driver-assistance technologies, including six fatal collisions. Of the millions of vehicles on the road equipped with some form of autonomous driving technology, the majority of those crashes involve Teslas. Tesla vehicles are responsible for almost 70% of autonomous vehicle crashes. The next closest is Honda with almost 25% despite having over six times as many self-driving equipped cars on U.S. roads. More than a quarter of the nearly 400 car accidents involved automated systems. With self-driving semi-trucks entering the market, there is reason to be concerned that the number of automated vehicle accident injuries may increase.

    Self-driving car accident injuries

    Victims of self-driving or automated driver-assisted vehicles can suffer all the same injuries as any other car accident. Self-driving cars can pose additional injury risks. Unlike human drivers who can use human judgment to stop, slow and evade an accident, autonomous vehicles can only do so if the technology assesses the risk and is capable of avoidance. If the system fails to detect another car, pedestrian, or cyclist, it can impact them at full speed and cause catastrophic injuries. These injuries can include:

    Who is liable for autonomous vehicle accident injuries?

    Liability in autonomous car accidents is a complex and emerging legal issue. It may depend upon circumstances including the extent of automated controls in the car, how the driver interacts with vehicle systems and how much control the car exerts versus the driver. Manufacturers may be responsible in part for accidents caused by self-driving cars. When vehicles require human control in emergencies, a negligent driver may be liable for your injuries. If you suffered injuries due to an automated car accident, our Denver car accident attorneys at Front Range Injury Attorneys may be able to help.

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    If you suffered injuries in an auto accident involving an autonomous vehicle, contact our Denver, Colorado law firm to speak with a Denver autonomous vehicle accident attorney. Our lawyers are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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