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Catastrophic injuries can have life altering changes for their victims. If you suffered catastrophic injuries due to someone else’s negligence, let us help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review and learn more about how we can help you. Our Denver personal injury lawyers help clients suffering from serious bodily injuries get maximum compensation for their injuries. Catastrophic injury cases require knowledgeable attorneys who understand how to investigate and thoroughly develop your case to explain the long term consequences of your injuries. We fight for clients seriously injuries in auto accidents, slip and fall accidents and other negligence cases. Learn more about how our Denver catastrophic injury attorneys help clients recover the money they deserve.

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    Why Trust Front Range Injury Attorneys?

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. We believe clients are best served when our personal injury attorneys participate in their cases from start to finish. We help our clients get the best treatment for their injuries. By building up your case from the beginning, we build a strong case to get the best results. 

    Our personal injury attorneys treat every case as a unique experience. Although our attorneys have handled thousands of cases, we understand your case is the only one you have. 

    No Fee Unless You Win

    Our law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us until we recover on your case.

    Expertise with your injuries

    Our personal injury lawyers understand your injuries and how to tell your story to the insurance company or a jury. We get proven results with a 98% success rate.

    Communication is key

    We maintain communication with you through your case. We want you to know what's going on with your case and the work we're doing for you.

    How we can help you

    Watch this video to see managing attorney Adam Kielich discuss catastrophic injury cases and how our law firm can help you recover for your losses.

    Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys to discuss your Colorado personal injury case. We offer free case reviews for injury and accident cases across the state including Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Parker and Fort Collins.

    Tell us about your case

    Denver Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

    Why you need a catastrophic injury lawyer in Colorado

    Catastrophic injury accident cases involve serious bodily injuries, often requiring significant treatment and causing long term effects. Your case may require medical experts to assess the full extent of your injuries and long term care requirements. 

    The insurance company for the negligent party may understand your claim will be a high value payment and fight hard to devalue your claim. They will look for every opportunity to deny your claim. They may offer you a lowball offer to settle your case early. That avoids their risk of paying for necessary but expensive treatment and long term effects of your injury. 

    Our catastrophic injury lawyers know how to fully investigate and evaluate your case so you get maximum compensation for your case. Let Front Range Injury Attorneys put our expertise and experience to work for you. 

    Denver catastrophic injury treatment at a hospital
    catastrophic injury medical records in Colorado

    What are catastrophic injuries?

    When personal injury lawyers discuss catastrophic injuries, there is no specific set of injuries involved. We treat injuries as catastrophic when they result in substantial treatment with long term or permanent effects to you. Many of our clients receive a year or less of treatment and fully heal from their injuries. More serious injuries require additional considerations such as evaluating long term changes to your earning potential or lifestyle as well as extensive future medical expenses. 

    Our catastrophic injury lawyers in Denver understand your case has different needs from less severe injury cases. We work with medical experts and your doctors to present a complete picture of your experience and expenses. 

    Common catastrophic injuries include:

    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Internal organ injuries
    • Amputations
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Loss of hearing or sight
    • Severe chemical or fire burns
    • Birth injuries
    • Paralysis
    • Disfigurement
    • Broken or fractured bones

    Common causes of catastrophic injuries

    Catastrophic injuries can occur in any incident causing physical trauma. Often people assume that traumatic injuries only occur in the most severe auto accidents or involve especially dangerous equipment. It is true that these incidents commonly result in catastrophic injuries. They are, however, not the only causes. Catastrophic injuries can result from other types of accidents and incidents resulting in injuries. These include:

    Our Denver catastrophic injury lawyers help clients with these and other incidents resulting in serious trauma. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review.

    Medical care for catastrophic injuries in Colorado

    The medical care you receive after a serious bodily injury has an important role in minimizing the debilitating and long term effects. It is also extremely important to the value of your case. It is vital after a traumatic injury to seek medical attention and follow through with your doctor’s treatment plan. 

    In most cases, catastrophic injuries result in an emergency room visit followed by months to years of treatment. In addition to emergency medical treatment, you may receive ongoing medical care including:

    • Pain management
    • Rehabilitative treatment
    • Surgery
    • Inpatient hospital care
    • In-home or outpatient nursing assistance
    • Neurological and cognitive treatment
    • Counseling to learn how to perform tasks with disabilities
    • Mental health counseling

    Your medical bills may span tens of thousands to millions of dollars over the course of your life. Our catastrophic injury attorneys understand that this financial burden is a challenge for you and your family. We help our clients obtain medical care prescribed by your doctor. We also work to avoid leaving you with a pile of unpaid medical bills caused by someone else’s negligence.

    After an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries, it is vital that you seek medical care right away. In many cases an ambulance will take you to a Denver area emergency room after your accident. If you are not transported, you should arrange for your own transportation to a hospital. 

    Denver area emergency rooms include:

    Some of these emergency rooms belong to hospital networks like UC Health which have multiple locations in and around Denver. Make sure to check that you travel to a location with an emergency room capable of treating your catastrophic injuries.

    Victims of accidents can experience several types of catastrophic injuries resulting in significant medical bills and lifelong effects. Our experienced lawyers help clients fight for justice and compensation for injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other damages. At Front Range Injury Attorneys we help clients with catastrophic injuries including:

    These injuries may be sustained by drivers, passengers, pedestrians, workers, children and other people involved in an accident. If you sustained a catastrophic injury in a workplace accident or due to someone else’s negligence, contact our Denver law firm to discuss your legal options.

    Recovering compensation for your catastrophic injury case

    Recovering fair compensation for a serious injury can be extremely difficult for several reasons.

    First, defendants and their insurance companies know they will probably have to write a big check at the end of your case. That is the last thing they want to do. They will take every opportunity to deny and reduce the value of your case. The bigger the case the harder they will fight to pay you anything.

    Second, your catastrophic injury case may exceed the policy limits of the negligent party’s insurance policy. If there is not enough insurance coverage available, your attorney must pursue every avenue to find additional coverage. Ultimately, it may be necessary to personally sue the negligent party. Whether a lawsuit is likely to put more money in your pocket requires careful investigation and analysis by your attorney.

    Third, completely evaluating your case for full value involving putting together evidence of several types of damages. Catastrophic injury cases often involve complex treatment with significant medical bills. Often there is projected future treatment that comes with additional costs. We also must consider other economic losses in the past and future, such as past lost wages and future diminished earning capacity. You also have past and future non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, impairment, disfigurement, mental distress and loss of life enjoyment. Presenting effective evidence of your damages may include multiple medical and economic experts.

    Our Denver catastrophic injury lawyers are prepared to fight for you and the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free case review and learn more about how we can help you.

    What is the statute of limitations for my catastrophic injury case in Colorado?

    A critical issue in your personal injury case is how long do you have to file a lawsuit under Colorado law. Colorado sets a deadline for all legal claims in which you must settle your case or file a lawsuit. This is known as the statute of limitations. If your case remains unresolved and you do not file a lawsuit before the deadline, you generally lose the right to file a lawsuit in the future. 

    The general rule under Colorado law sets a two year statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits. Many car accident claims are subject to a three year statute of limitations. 

    The general statute of limitations is not always the only deadline in your catastrophic injury case. Under certain rules the statute of limitations may extend beyond the normal two year or three year term. Importantly, if your case involves a government entity, there is a special notice of claim that must be filed within six months. 

    Your Denver catastrophic injury lawyer will evaluate your case and make sure your case proceeds within all applicable deadlines. It is important for you to contact our office as soon as possible after your accident so we can begin helping you and make sure you do not miss any deadline.

    Get help from our catastrophic injury lawyers in Denver, Colorado

    If you or a family member suffered a catastrophic injury, talk to a catastrophic injury lawyer right away. Our Denver catastrophic injury lawyers help clients get the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review. 

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