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Denver Failure to Cooperate Attorney

Insurance companies seek profits from their insurance policies. Payments on claims reduces the amount of money in their pocket. That incentives them to create reasons to avoid paying claims, such as alleging you failed to cooperate with the insurer. Our Denver failure to cooperate attorney holds insurers accountable. Learn more about how we can help you by contacting our Denver law firm today. At Front Range Injury Attorneys, our Denver insurance bad faith attorneys protect clients from unethical and illegal insurance practices, including failure by the insurance company to perform its duties under the contract. By alleging you failed to cooperate, the insurance policy may allow the insurer to delay or deny payments under a claim. That can harm you financially or even expose you to personal liability. You may have a claim against your insurance company to recover for their bad faith. Contact us for a free case review to assess your bad faith claim under Colorado law.

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    Watch this video to see managing attorney Adam Kielich discuss failure to cooperate claims and how our Denver, Colorado law office can help you recover for your losses.

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    Denver Failure to Cooperate Attorney

    Why you need a lawyer for an insurance claim

    An insurance company may deny a claim by falsely alleging you failed to cooperate with their investigation or other step in evaluating and adjusting a claim. Sometimes, an insured may fail to cooperate with duties required under the insurance policy and the carrier can legitimately reserve its rights to continue working on the claim. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters also use those same duties to allege falsely you failed to cooperate to either cover up failures on their end or to simply delay or deny payment on your claim. In these cases, you should hire a Denver bad faith insurance attorney.

    What is failure to cooperate with an insurance claim?

    Your insurance policy creates obligations for both you and your insurer when you or somebody else files a claim. The insurance company has several duties to act in good faith and investigate, evaluate and promptly pay on claims. You have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company regarding the claim. If you fail to cooperate with your own insurance company, it can delay payments until it can complete its investigation or even deny paying entirely. 

    What if you file a claim against someone else's insurance company?

    Colorado is an at-fault or tort state, which means when somebody else causes damages to you, you must pursue the liable party and its insurance to recover. You do not owe contractual duties to someone else’s insurer, so filing a claim against another driver’s carrier does not carry the same obligations. You do not have a legal duty to cooperate with the insurance company. 

    When you file a claim against another driver’s insurer, you should not lie but you also do not owe them any information. You are free to withhold information, turn down settlement offers and refuse to give recorded statements. You have no contractual obligations to that carrier. They can, however, use any information you give them to deny or reduce the value of your claim. 

    When is failure to cooperate legitimate?

    Failure to cooperate may be legitimate when a policyholder fails to provide information or evidence after filing a claim or another person files a claim. An insurance company can request unreasonable cooperation that defeats their failure to cooperate allegation; however, it is often best to cooperate with your insurer even if the request seems unreasonable or burdensome. After all,  you want the insurer to pay your claim. If you believe a request exceeds the bounds of the contract, you should talk to a Denver failure to cooperate lawyer at Front Range Injury Attorneys.

    Contact our Denver failure to cooperate attorneys

    If your insurance company accuses you of failing to cooperate and you believe it may be acting in bad faith, contact Front Range Injury Attorneys to talk to our Denver failure to cooperate attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced advocates against insurance bad faith and may be able to help you resolve your claim or even pursue bad faith claims against your insurance company.

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