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Denver Failure to Evaluate Claims Attorney

Insurance companies have certain duties to policyholders under the insurance policy and Colorado law. Among those duties is a duty to evaluate claims filed against your policy. Our Denver failure to evaluate claims attorney holds insurers accountable. Learn more about how we can help you by contacting our Denver law firm today. At Front Range Injury Attorneys, our Denver insurance bad faith attorneys protect clients from unethical and illegal insurance practices, including failure by the insurance company to perform its duties under the contract. By failing to evaluate claims, the insurance company may expose you to liability otherwise indemnified by your policy or fail to pay benefits due to you under the policy. You may have a claim against your insurance company to recover for their bad faith. Contact us for a free case review to assess your bad faith claim under Colorado law.

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    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. We believe clients are best served when our personal injury attorneys participate in their cases from start to finish. We help our clients get the best treatment for their injuries. By building up your case from the beginning, we build a strong case to get the best results.

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    Our Denver personal injury attorneys work from start to finish on your case to protect you from bad faith. We will pursue your insurance company to get the benefits due under your policy. We get proven results with a 98% success rate.

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    Watch this video to see managing attorney Adam Kielich discuss failure to evaluate insurance claims and how our Denver, Colorado law office can help you recover for your losses.

    Contact our law firm to discuss your Colorado failure to evaluate insurance claims case. We offer free case reviews for injury and accident cases across the state. 

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    Denver Failure to Evaluate Claims Attorney

    What is a failure to evaluate an insurance claim?

    When you purchase an insurance policy, the insurance company has several duties to you under the terms of the contract and Colorado insurance law. Among those duties are obligations to perform certain acts in response to claims filed on your policy. When you or somebody else files a claim against your insurance policy, the insurer has a duty to promptly evaluate the claim so it can determine what steps it must take in response to the claim and the reasonable value of  damages related to the claim. The insurance company must professionally evaluate the merits of the claim, whether it falls within claims covered by the policy and the reasonable value of that claim. A failure to fairly and professionally evaluate a claim can result in harm or losses to you as a policyholder. 

    Evaluating first party claims

    You may file an insurance claim against your policy for covered losses you experience. This could be a claim for hail damage against a homeowner’s policy or collision damage under your auto policy. Your insurance company has a duty to promptly evaluate any claim you file on your own policy. It must determine whether the claim is covered and the reasonable value of the claim so it can promptly pay benefits due to you. 

    Failure to evaluate the claim and make timely payment deprives you of the right to benefits under the policy you purchased. It can result in additional losses as a result of not timely receiving the benefits due. 

    Evaluating third party claims

    Your insurance company also has a duty to timely evaluate claims filed against your liability coverage by third parties. For example, if you caused a car accident, the victim of the collision will likely file a liability claim against your policy. If your insurance company fails to timely investigate and evaluate the claim so it can attempt to settle the liability claim, it could result in a lawsuit against you. As a result of the lawsuit, you may be found personally liable for damages exceeding the policy limits. If the insurance company had properly evaluated and settled the claim, it would have avoided a judgment against you.

    Insurance bad faith and failure to evaluate: why you need to hire a lawyer

    If you suffer losses and inconvenience due to your insurance company failing to evaluate claims, you may have an insurance bad faith claim to pursue. These claims are not easy or quick to pursue. You must prove the carrier failed its duty to act in good faith to you and perform duties required under the contract. The insurer will fight hard to not just disprove your case but to prevent you from accessing the claim file that may prove your case. 

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys, we are experienced bad faith lawyers who know how to demand insurance companies perform their duties in good faith and hold them accountable when they don’t. Our Denver failure to evaluate claims lawyers can help you pursue a just result.

    Contact our Denver law firm today

    If your insurance company failed to evaluate your claim correctly, you may have one or more bad faith claims to pursue. By pursuing a bad faith claim, you can obtain the benefits due under your policy and potentially recover additional compensation. Contact our Denver law firm today for a free consultation of your insurance case. 

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