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Greeley Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites can cause long term injuries with painful effects and extensive medical bills. Our Greeley dog bite lawyers can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call our law firm today. 

At Front Range Injury Attorneys we understand dog bite injury laws in Colorado and how to help victims recover compensation. Dog bites can result in serious injuries with scarring, emotional harm and impair your ability to work. Our Greeley dog bite attorneys can help you go up against a pet owner during insurance negotiations or in a trial if necessary. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation.

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    Front Range Injury Attorneys is your trusted choice

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. We believe clients are best served when our Greeley dog bite lawyers participate in their cases from start to finish. We help our clients get the best treatment for their injuries. By building up your case from the beginning, we build a strong case to get the best results.

    No Fee Unless You Win

    Our law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us until we recover on your case.

    Expertise with dog bite claims

    Our Greeley dog bite attorneys understand your injuries and how to tell your story to the insurance company or a jury.

    Communication is important to us

    We maintain communication with you through your case. We want you to know what's going on with your case and the work we're doing for you.

    How a dog bite injury lawyer in Greeley can help

    Most of the time, these occurrences and associated costs will be covered by a dog owner’s homeowners insurance policy. You might be entitled to financial support from the pet owner’s insurance plan for your current and previous medical costs, surgical costs, rehabilitation, psychiatric therapy, lost income, physical pain and suffering, emotional agony, and more.

    After a terrifying dog attack, getting the financial compensation you and your family deserve can not be simple. A pet owner can attempt to deny responsibility for your losses, or the owner’s insurance company might employ dishonest practices to pressure you into accepting a settlement that is less than your claim is actually worth. An insurance company may undervalue your claim in an effort to increase its investor returns rather than compensating you fairly and fully for your severe losses.

    A Greeley dog bite injury lawyer can assist you by conducting a thorough investigation of your case and negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company’s representative. Your attorney will bargain for a sum that fully compensates you for your losses and damages, including any future requirements. While you recover from your severe dog bite injuries, your Greeley personal injury lawyer from Front Range Injury Attorneys will handle the legal proceedings on your behalf.

    What to do after a dog bite injury in Greeley, Colorado

    Go to the closest hospital in Greeley, Colorado, if a dog bites you if you want medical attention. After a dog attack, it’s critical to get medical attention right enough to help prevent illnesses and infections. After that, speak with a Greeley, Colorado personal injury lawyer for legal advice.

    Take pictures of your wounds and the scene of the incident, if you are able. Note the name and contact information of the pet’s owner as well as details about the dog, such as whether or not it has all of its vaccines current.

    Does the dog owner have to pay your bills?

    In Colorado, a pet owner is liable for any harm and property loss brought on by a dog attack. Pet owners are liable under Colorado Revised Statute 13-21-124, which establishes strict responsibility. According to this rule, a dog owner is strictly accountable for any major physical harm or fatalities caused by a dog attack.

    A pet owner is legally liable under strict liability even if they were not negligent. The strict liability dog bite legislation in Colorado holds pet owners financially liable for attacks, even if they had the dog on a leash and were not aware of its nasty tendencies.

    Common injuries and losses from a dog attack

    A claim with a high value is more likely to have its value reduced by the insurance company. If an animal attack resulted in a serious damage to you or a loved one, you might need a dog bite lawyer to represent you in court.

    In Colorado, injuries caused by dog bites may include:

    • Deep puncture wounds
    • Lacerations
    • Avulsion
    • Tendon and muscle injuries
    • Fractured bones
    • Crush wounds
    • Hand and extremity injuries
    • Face injuries
    • Head injuries
    • Neck injuries
    • Wrongful death

    The effects of dog attacks are often long-lasting for many victims. Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to suffering major injuries in animal attacks. Post-traumatic stress disorder, a fear of dogs, lifelong scarring and disfigurement, and diminished quality of life are a few examples of related physical and emotional losses.

    Contact an experienced Greeley dog bite attorney today

    Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys right away for a free first consultation about your legal options if you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog in Greeley. You can learn more about your legal options and how to hold a pet owner accountable from our animal attack attorneys. Dial 720.826.4399 right now to schedule your free consultation.

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