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Dog bites can cause long term injuries with painful effects and extensive medical bills. Our Longmont dog bite attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call our law firm today. 

At Front Range Injury Attorneys we understand dog bite injury laws in Colorado and how to help victims recover compensation. Dog bites can result in serious injuries with scarring, emotional harm and impair your ability to work. Our Longmont dog bite attorneys can help you go up against a pet owner during insurance negotiations or in a trial if necessary. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation.

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    Front Range Injury Attorneys is your trusted choice

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. We believe clients are best served when our Longmont dog bite lawyers participate in their cases from start to finish. We help our clients get the best treatment for their injuries. By building up your case from the beginning, we build a strong case to get the best results.

    No Fee Unless You Win

    Our law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us until we recover on your case.

    Expertise with dog bite claims

    Our Longmont dog bite attorneys understand your injuries and how to tell your story to the insurance company or a jury.

    Communication is important to us

    We maintain communication with you through your case. We want you to know what's going on with your case and the work we're doing for you.

    How Colorado law treats dog bite cases

    Dog bite laws generally fall into two categories: strict liability and one-bite states. Since the strict liability legislation holds a dog owner strictly liable for injuries and attacks, it is more favorable to victims of dog bites. Legal responsibility that is based only on factual carelessness or the defendant’s malicious intent to injure the victim is known as strict liability.

    On the other hand, in a one-bite state, the victim must show that the dog had bitten at least one other person previously. This will prove that the dog’s owner was negligent in preventing the assault despite knowing or having a reasonable expectation of knowing about the dog’s vicious tendencies. If you reside in a strict liability state, like Colorado, you do not need to provide this aspect of proof.

    A pet owner is legally and financially liable for injuries caused by a pet, regardless of negligence, according to Colorado Revised Statute section 13-21-124. If the owner should have known about the pet’s aggressiveness or whether the owner was careless in training the dog is irrelevant. According to state law, the owner is responsible for your expenses even if they took all the reasonable precautions to avoid the attack.

    Tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying injury claims

    Unfortunately, even if the strict liability dog bite legislation is on your side, you can still have trouble getting the money you require for current and future expenses. The insurance provider you’re dealing with can try to pay you as little as possible in order to make financial savings. It might take advantage of you and undermine your claim by employing specific strategies:

    • Using preexisting injuries against you
    • Undervaluing or underestimating the extent of your injuries and losses
    • Misinterpreting the policy
    • Delaying your claim without valid reason
    • Delaying issuing a settlement check after agreeing to settle your claim
    • Wrongfully denying your claim

    The homeowner’s insurance company of the pet owner is typically involved in dog bite injury cases. As pets are considered property in Colorado, homeowners insurance typically covers events involving dog bites. To help you negotiate with the insurer for an acceptable sum for significant injuries, you might need to contact an animal attack lawyer with Front Range Injury Attorneys.

    When dogs bite they can cause severe bodily damage

    Our Longmont dog bite attorneys at Front Range Injury Attorneys have dealt with a lot of personal injury situations. We have years of expertise advocating for clients who have suffered a variety of severe injuries in incidents around Colorado.

    Dog bite cases frequently involve the following injuries:

    • Crush injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Disfigurement
    • Scarring
    • Face and eye injury
    • Infections or diseases
    • Puncture wounds
    • Lacerations
    • Internal organ damage
    • Fatal injuries

    The cost of previous and future medical care for serious injuries might reach thousands of dollars. For instance, you might require plastic surgery for reconstruction or surgery to treat a serious bite trauma. When a dog bite injury is serious to catastrophic, do not agree to an insurance company’s offer of less money than you require.

    Work with a dog bite injury lawyer in Longmont

    Do not hesitate to get in touch with Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free legal consultation if you or someone you care about has been hurt in a dog attack in Longmont. One of our animal attack lawyers will meet with you to hear about your case, address your legal inquiries, and offer guidance on what to do next. If we take you on as a client, we’ll support your claim for justice and the highest possible settlement.

    For a free consultation with a Longmont, Colorado dog bite injury lawyer, reach out to us online or at 720.826.4399 right away.

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