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Longmont Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death is a tragedy no family should have to endure. Unfortunately, careless actions of others can inflict fatal injuries on others. If you lost a family member in an accident, contact our Longmont wrongful death lawyers. Acts of negligence carry consequences for their victims. Sometimes victims pay the ultimate price due to fatal injuries. Our Longmont wrongful death attorneys help families pursue justice for their loss. Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review of your family’s wrongful death claim under Colorado law.

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    Why trust our wrongful death attorneys in Pueblo, CO

    At Front Range Injury Attorneys we care about helping our clients throughout their cases. Our Longmont wrongful death attorneys understand your family’s loss is irreversible and no amount of money will make it right. We help our clients seek justice by holding the responsible party accountable for the loss your family suffered due to their carelessness or recklessness. Contact our law firm to learn more about how we can help your family.

    No Fee Unless You Win

    Our law firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us until we recover on your case.

    Expertise with wrongful death claims

    Our Longmont wrongful death attorneys understand your injuries and how to tell your family's story to the insurance company or a jury. We get proven results with a 98% success rate.

    Communication is important to us

    We maintain communication with you through your case. We want you to know what's going on with your case and the work we're doing for you.

    How a wrongful death claim works in Colorado

    In order to successfully navigate the relevant state legislation in Colorado, it is necessary to seek justice and compensation for a tragic harm. Rules regarding who can file a wrongful death claim and when are enforced by Colorado law. If you want to win your case, you must understand these laws.

    • What is wrongful death. The legal definition of wrongful death, according to state law, is a fatal harm brought on by someone else’s careless, reckless, or intentional act. If someone is careless and this leads to damage or injury, that person is being negligent.
    • Deadline to file a lawsuit. A filing party in Colorado has just two years from the decedent’s death to submit a wrongful death claim. The court will nearly always dismiss the case if the filing is made outside of this window of time.
    • Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Only the surviving spouse is permitted to make a civil claim in the first year following the decedent’s passing. This right also applies to the children who survive in the second year. In the absence of a spouse or kid, the decedent’s parents may file.

    It’s critical to understand whether your family has a legal claim for wrongful death in Colorado. Even though receiving financial compensation won’t bring your loved one back to you, it can help your family enjoy more financial security at a time when you most need it.

    Ways a wrongful death lawyer can help you and your family

    You and your family can benefit greatly from hiring a Longmont wrongful death attorney during this trying time. You may rely on a lawyer to handle the legal side of things for you rather than trying to navigate the legal system alone while dealing with the loss of a relative.

    An attorney can carry out the following significant tasks on your behalf:

    • Thoroughly investigate your loved one’s death
    • Answer your legal questions
    • Identify all liable parties
    • Handles the insurance claims process
    • Make sure the insurance companies do not take advantage of you and your family
    • Fight for maximum financial compensation
    • Take your wrongful death case to trial in Longmont
    • Give you peace of mind knowing a knowledgeable and experienced advocate is on your side

    Common causes of wrongful death in Longmont, CO

    Unwary victims may sustain catastrophic to fatal injuries in any number of accidents in Colorado. The majority of these mishaps are avoidable; they occur when one or more parties act recklessly or intentionally. You may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Longmont if your loved one passed away under any of the following conditions:

    Your family’s losses are financially owed to the person or entity who caused your loved one’s death accident or injury. Depending on the circumstances, this could be a driver, employer, product producer, property owner, pet owner, or a combination of parties.

    Contact Front Range Injury Attorneys for a free case review in Longmont

    We really hope you never need to get in touch with us regarding the wrongful death of a loved one. However, if the worst has occurred, our Longmont wrongful death lawyers can support your family in seeking justice, giving a voice to your loved one, and obtaining the highest amount of compensation for this incomprehensible loss.

    Contact our attorneys in Longmont, Colorado right now to talk about your options for bringing a wrongful death lawsuit. To schedule a meeting right away, dial 720.826.4399. We guarantee that we will respond your call within 24 hours.

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