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Accidents With State Government Vehicles

Government vehicles, indispensable for public safety and services, crisscross Colorado’s roads daily. From police cruisers to ambulances, these vehicles, marked or unmarked, coexist with civilian traffic. However, untangling liability in the aftermath of an accident involving a government vehicle poses challenges. If you sustained injuries in an accident in Colorado, contact the personal injury lawyers […]

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Loss of Consortium Claims

Loss of consortium, a legal concept often overlooked, is a vital avenue for seeking reparation in cases of severe injury or wrongful death caused by another party’s negligence. It represents the pursuit of financial compensation for the profound personal losses experienced by a spouse or family member due to an injury, encompassing aspects such as

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Reasonable Person Standard

In the realm of personal injury law, the concept of the “reasonable person standard” holds significant weight. Often, personal injury cases hinge on the notion of negligence, where an individual or entity fails to exercise the expected level of care. The reasonable person standard serves as a benchmark, delineating the acceptable actions and behaviors expected

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What Is Proximate Cause?

If you’re navigating the complexities of a personal injury claim in Colorado, you’ll inevitably encounter legal terminology, among which “proximate cause” holds significant weight. Understanding this concept is crucial as it forms the cornerstone of establishing causation in your lawsuit. Below, we delve into what proximate cause entails, its distinction from actual cause, and why

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Tailgating Car Accidents

Tailgating, an alarming practice prevalent on the roads, involves driving too close to the vehicle in front. Colorado witnesses numerous car accidents annually due to this perilous habit, ranging from minor rear-end collisions to catastrophic high-speed crashes. If you find yourself injured in a tailgating incident in Denver, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

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