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When Is the Car Manufacturer at Fault for a Car Accident?

Car accidents are often attributed to driver error, but did you know that car manufacturers can also be held responsible? Often drivers are responsible for car accidents but a manufacturer may in partially or completely at fault for a car accident. A defect by the manufacturer can change the dynamic of a car accident as well as how you and your car accident attorney pursues a claim for damages.

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Understanding Manufacturer Liability in Car Accidents

Car manufacturers bear responsibility for accidents resulting from defects in their vehicles. These defects could stem from manufacturing errors, flawed designs, or inadequate instructions for proper use. Vehicle owners are responsible for maintenance of the vehicle; however, the manufacturer may be held liable for problems that are strictly the manufacturer’s fault. Sorting out who is responsible for a problem with a vehicle can be complex and often requires experts to inspect the vehicle and manufacturer’s documentation as well as extensive discovery in litigation to uncover planning and operations by the manufacturer.

Legal Framework in Colorado for manufacturer liability for accidents

In Colorado, laws regarding car accidents involving manufacturers blend common law principles with statutory provisions. Manufacturers may be liable under products liability laws if defects cause harm. Specific statutes, such as Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-403, further delineate legal standards and presumptions of negligence. Common law may also provide injured plaintiffs with a legal claim against a manufacturer. Colorado common law states that manufacturers are responsible for the products they put into the stream of commerce, cars included, when those products are defective and inflict harm on people.

In addition to factual complexity in product liability claims, the legal issues can also lead to complicated analysis and legal challenges by the manufacturer. An experienced attorney is a necessity when pursuing product liability claims against vehicle manufacturers.

Identifying Defective Cars

A defective car arises from inherent flaws, not neglect or lack of maintenance by the owner. These flaws can manifest in design or production issues attributable solely to the manufacturer. When investigating a defective car claim, your attorney will consider:

  • Whether the design of the vehicle created inherent dangers to drivers, passengers, or other people
  • Whether the design process relied on industry standards for safety and manufacturer
  • Whether the parts and materials used created inherent dangers that exceed normal risks of vehicle operation
  • Whether the manufacturing process resulted in a defective material or part in the car
  • Whether the manufacturing process did not align with a safe design
  • Whether the manufacturer failed to adequately warn of dangers that are not obvious to owners
  • Whether the manufacturer warranted a level of safety that exceeded the design and manufacturer of the car

Manufacturer Responsibility in Car Accident Fault

Car manufacturers cannot evade accountability by blaming drivers. They are held to stringent legal standards, and any defects leading to accidents can render them liable. A manufacturer doesn’t cause an accident by inattentive or negligent driving. A car manufacturer can be held liable for an auto accident when the vehicle itself is defective and contributes to causing the accident. Every state has laws recognizing the duty of manufacturers to produce safe vehicles and to hold them accountable when they breach their duty.

Injured victims must prove the elements of the case so manufacturers often fight to conceal any damaging evidence of their fault. Colorado law permits plaintiffs a presumption that the vehicle is defective by virtue of a malfunction. You must prove the defect exists and caused the accident, but you don’t always have to prove the internal process that resulted in the defect. Your car accident attorney will review the facts and applicable law to determine what legal claims to pursue and what evidence you must prove to win your case.

How an attorney can help me with an accident caused by the manufacturer’s fault

Experienced attorneys experienced with handling defective product cases provide invaluable support in navigating legal proceedings, securing compensation, and protecting your legal rights. Lawsuits are always complex processes with complicated rules and legal procedures. Product liability claims are even more challenging than a typical car accident case due to the legal and factual issues. Add to that, car manufacturers are well funded businesses that fight aggressively to avoid liability for their vehicles. Hiring an experienced accident attorney balances the fight so you can aggressively protect your legal rights and pursue compensation for your injuries.

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