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Car accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

Around 1.3 million people worldwide lose their lives on roadways each year, and up to 50 million more are wounded. Although motorcycle and vehicle accidents are a widespread issue in the United States, they are significant enough for us to need to take action. Even Colorado locals will be shocked to learn how much of those numbers apply to them, even when it comes to minor traffic accidents. If you suffer injuries in any vehicle collision, you should consult a personal injury attorney about your legal rights.

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Auto vs. motorcycle crash comparison statistics

In Colorado, there are over 600 traffic fatalities each year. That is according to crash data from the Colorado Department of Transportation. More over 3,500 injuries occurred yearly. It is obvious that we are not modifying our driving patterns or routines. These statistics also indicate that Colorado car accident attorneys are always busy since they are preparing to defend one of the 33 drivers who are involved in collisions here each year. Sadly, about a third of them include alcohol.

Fortunately, accidents don’t happen in every case of unauthorized driving. Instead, nearly 130,000 tickets for DUI, seatbelt violations, and speeding were issued by the police.

Any traffic accident can result in serious bodily injuries to its victims. Insurance industry research indicates motorcycles are far more likely to be involved in a collision per miles driven. The same research also indicates a motorcycle crash is more likely to result in injuries or death. If you suffer injuries in any vehicle crash, you need to seek medical care immediately and contact an injury attorney before accepting any settlement offer.

Car Accidents

Given the 210 million licensed drivers in the United States, there is a very low probability that car accidents will ever become a thing of the past. However, safer driving habits can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities, as the majority of Denver car accident lawyers will attest to. A total of 320 fatal car accidents occur in Colorado every year, accounting for over half of all car accidents in the state.

The number of individuals who would still be alive each year would increase by 60 if seatbelts were used in all circumstances, not just in half of them. Instead, cases involving severe injuries or fatalities from traffic accidents continue to be the most common ones handled by lawyers. Here in Colorado, liability insurance may cover as little as $25,000 under minimum coverage. People who face serious or fatal injuries benefit from hiring an attorney who can investigate the accident, gather evidence, determine liability and search for all applicable insurance coverage.

Motorcycle accidents

The figures for motorcycle accidents in Colorado aren’t more comforting. 103 fatal accidents involved the 8.4 million motorcycle riders who were on the road. Studies indicate motorcycle accidents have an 80% injury or death rate. The Colorado Department of Transportation spent $390,000 on a motorcycle safety campaign, but riding a motorcycle is still 37% riskier than driving a car. Injuries to the chest and head are the main causes of motorcycle fatalities, whereas half of bicycle accidents also occur in the summer and involve the legs. As our Denver motorcycle accident attorneys often see, wearing a helmet can be the difference between surviving a bike crash.

Safety tips for Colorado roads

Because accidents are called that for a reason, there will always be a need for an auto accident lawyer in Colorado. They are unintentional mishaps. However, there are a lot of things you can do to stay safe while driving and raise the likelihood that you will reach your family safely.

When operating a motorbike, you should always wear a helmet, pay attention to your speed, put away your phone, avoid driving when fatigued, check your blind spots, steer clear of alcohol, and keep a safe following distance.

Nobody ever intends to cause or be involved in a car accident, yet it does happen occasionally. Always keep an eye out for other road users, whether you’re driving a car or a motorcycle, and stay vigilant to avoid potentially hazardous circumstances.

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else’s negligence, our Colorado motorcycle accident lawyers may be able to help. Learn more about our experienced lawyers throughout the state including:

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Colorado Car Accident Lawyers

If you suffered injuries in an auto accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Our experienced Colorado car accident lawyers help clients across the state pursue full and fair compensation for their accident-related injuries and financial losses. We help clients in Colorado with a wide range of motor vehicle collisions involving different types of vehicles, crashes and severity of impacts. Contact our law firm to discuss:

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