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Professionalism and law firm reputation

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A law firm, like Front Range Injury Attorneys, is a company created by one or more attorneys to carry out the practice of law. A law firm’s main function is to inform clients (individuals or businesses) about their legal rights and obligations and to represent them in court disputes, business deals, car accidents, personal injury and other situations where legal counsel and other services are needed. The partners or other managing attorneys have an ethic duties under the rules of professional conduct to operate and supervise the law firm to ensure it complies with professionalism standards. Law firms that fail to maintain professionalism can end up with an undesirable reputation. At Front Range Injury Attorneys, our Denver car accident attorneys operate with the highest professionalism with a reputation for excellence.

Law firm organizations

Law firms in Colorado and other states are professional business entities formed by licensed attorneys to practice law. They can range from a solo practitioner of a single attorney all the way to “big law” which includes international law firms of thousands of attorneys with extensive reputations and reach. In Colorado, law firms can be formed in several business entities from a sole proprietorship to partnerships of several attorneys, or limited liability structures like professional corporations or LLCs.

Law firms choose their areas of legal practice. Some law firms are general practices or “full service” law firms that help clients with any legal issue that arises. Most law firms practice a small number of areas of law. Law firms like Front Range Injury Attorneys practices exclusively in one area, such as car accidents and other personal injury cases.

Law firm jobs

Law firm jobs can include a wide range of positions depending upon the size and practice areas. Obviously, law firms always include attorneys who perform legal work. Most law firms also have paraprofessional legal staff. The broad name for this class of jobs is paralegal but some law firms refer to specific types of paralegals as case managers, intake paralegals, litigation paralegals and other specialized names.

Law firms may also have many other jobs including:

  • Legal secretaries
  • Office managers
  • Receptionists
  • Mail clerks
  • Intake specialists
  • Supervisors
  • Marketing staff
  • Property maintenance staff
  • IT workers
  • Accounting employees

Some law firms outsource various functions to other businesses, especially when they do not have a law office large enough for all staff or enough clients to keep staff in every role on a full time basis. Large law firms may have several layers of management both over attorneys and staff. Some firms even have chief executive positions who report directly to the partners or executive-owner attorney.

What does professionalism mean in law?

Professionalism in the legal profession entails leveraging your education-based skills as well as your deepest compassion and moral compass to counsel your clients and zealously and politely represent them in court.

Colorado rules of professional conduct

Colorado, like all states, oversees attorneys through a state regulatory agency. Some states merge this agency with the state bar, but Colorado separates the Colorado Bar Association as a voluntary organization and regulation under the Colorado Supreme Court. Like all other states, regulation of attorney conduct and work falls under the state rules of professional conduct.

The Colorado rules of professional conduct set rules for several areas of practice and business operations including:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Attorney competence
  • Relationships with clients and non-clients
  • Legal fees
  • Supervising legal staff and other attorneys

Law firm duty to supervise car accident attorneys

Under the Colorado rules of professional conduct, every attorney has an ethical duty to comply with the rules of professional conduct at all times. For attorneys in supervisory or management positions in a law firm, they have additional duties to supervise legal work in the law firm. The supervisory duties include making sure lawyers are competent and appropriately educated on the legal issues for which those lawyers work. It also requires supervising the legal staff to make sure their work complies with the professional ethics rules.

What is the true meaning of reputation?

A judgment made about someone or something by the general public, or the level of respect or adoration accorded to that person or object based on prior actions or character. For an attorney or law firm, there may be several reputations. The attorney or law firm may have a public reputation with the general population in Colorado. That reputation may develop from advertising, the law firm’s presence in the community or local news, online reviews and other public sources of information. Even offering free consultations may not lure potential clients who question the law firm’s reputation.

A law firm or attorney can also have a reputation within the professional community of lawyers. Public impressions can influence what other attorneys think as well as:

Why is professional reputation important?

What does a good reputation in your field mean? A good professional reputation entails being highly regarded. Being highly recognized and respected by those with knowledge and opinion on you being the go-to person for that remedy as a result. This implies that you are in demand.

Law firms and their attorneys value their professional reputation for many reasons. The public reputation of a law firm in Denver and other parts of Colorado can play an important role in acquiring future clients. Attracting clients is critical to the ongoing financial success of the law firm. Additionally, attorneys leverage their reputations with other attorneys, judges, mediators and insurance adjusters to get the best results for clients.

For example, our car accident attorneys have a reputation for excellent work in and out of the courtroom. As a result, defense attorneys and insurance companies know they either need to give our law firm fair settlement offers or we will take our client’s claims to court. Our car accident attorneys use their reputation for honest and good work to not just get good work but to get better offers more quickly. Attorneys with poor reputations are more likely to get lower offers or for adjusters to refuse to negotiate. Find out why Front Range Injury Attorneys offers a different experience in Colorado.

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