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Scooter accidents in Denver, CO

Scooter accidents are on the rise in Denver and other cities in Colorado. With an increase in scooter use in Denver, there will inevitably be more accidents and more injuries caused by negligence. Our scooter accident lawyers in Denver help clients obtain compensation for their injuries.

How many accidents do scooters have?

There are no specific statistics on the number of accidents in Denver, Colorado alone but national studies indicate a growing problem of scooter accidents and resulting injuries. People should take extreme caution when riding electric scooters. Like motorcycles, scooter riders have little protection against a collision. You don’t have to look far to find people who suffer injuries from scooter accidents.

Are there still scooters in Denver?

Denver, like the rest of Colorado, continues to allow electric scooters. In 2019 the Colorado legislature changed the law to limit where low powered scooters can operate. The City of Denver followed suit further limiting where you can ride scooters. Nevertheless, Denver continues its agreement to allow Bird and Lime to operate shared electric scooters through their apps. Some people own e-scooters privately. The Colorado laws for electric scooters are the same no matter the owner. Cities around Denver report an increase in shared scooters, too.

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What kind of scooter accidents happen in Denver?

Scooter accidents in Denver vary widely from minor accidents to fatal crashes. Every year in Denver people die in fatal scooter accidents. Last year, a woman suffered a stroke after a scooter accident. She was in downtown Denver riding on an electric scooter when she lost control. She was not hit by a car but lost control and fell, striking her chin. As a result of hitting her head, she suffered facial fractures and a stroke. The stroke caused long term paralysis and cognitive problems. Sometimes, these collisions involve fatalities to children.

Emergency room doctors agree, electric scooters are common causes of serious injuries. In Denver Health, doctors find on an almost daily basis patients who fell or were involved in crashes. They report common injuries including broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Denver Health alone reports 2.5 victims of scooter accident injuries daily.

Scooter accidents do not always involve a crash with a moving car or motorcycle. Collisions occur with stationary objects, like parked cars. Even these collisions can result in fatalities.

However, scooter accidents often involve moving cars. Sometimes, drivers take off in a hit and run scooter accident, because they believe they can outrun the accident victim.

What to do if you are involved in a scooter accident in Denver, Colorado?

If you are involved in a scooter accident in Denver, it is important to take care of yourself. If you suffered any injury, you should call 911 and request police and ambulance. It is vital that you obtain emergency medical care. The likelihood that you suffered a traumatic brain injury is high. You need to obtain an evaluation from a qualified physician.

If someone else’s negligence caused your scooter accident in Denver, you should call our law office for a free case review. The scooter accident attorneys in our Denver office can review your crash at no charge and help you get compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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