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Denver Airbnb Laws

Travelers can reserve stays in homes owned and rented by private persons using the website Airbnb. It is a simple process to rent a home for a few days or several months thanks to this loosely regulated home-sharing service. However, staying on Airbnb isn’t always the safest option. Since its beginning, Airbnb has been the subject of debate and disagreement over problems like public nuisances, unsafe premises, and property liability issues. Knowing the Denver, Colorado Airbnb laws might assist you defend your rights as a user or visitor.

Laws for short-term rentals in Denver, Colorado

An ordinance governing short-term rentals, including Airbnbs, was created by the Denver City Council in 2016. Any property owner who wants to list a short-term rental is required by this ordinance to have a license, and any advertisements for the short-term rental must include the license number. The host’s primary house must also be the rental. The property owner must also abide by all safety, zoning, and insurance regulations.

Denver’s short-term rental regulations include adhering to all applicable city and state laws, acquiring fire, hazard, and liability insurance, and having operational smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire extinguishers. If these obligations are not met, the property owner risk receiving a large fine. Additionally, Airbnb may be subject to a $1,000 fine for each day that an illegal listing remains on its platform.

Colorado premises liability laws

Any property owner who wants to rent out their home on Airbnb must abide by Colorado’s general premises liability regulations in addition to Denver’s standards for short-term rentals. All property owners are required by law to keep their properties safe, which is known as premises liability. Property owners are required by law to inspect their properties for potential hazards, fix any flaws that are found, and alert guests to any potential dangers.

A short-term rental’s owner may be held financially liable (liable) for any injuries sustained by a victim if the owner fails to maintain the rental’s reasonable safety. The property owner owes the highest responsibilities of care to an Airbnb tenant because they are considered invitees. Any failure to keep the short-term renter’s environment safe and risk-free could make the property owner responsible for any resulting accident or harm.

Airbnb host protection insurance coverage

In most circumstances, a property owner in Colorado who is found to be at fault will cover a premises liability accident through his or her insurance policy. This could include a renter’s or homeowners’ insurance plan. If the home was being rented out as an Airbnb at the time of the occurrence, it might also have Airbnb Host Protection Insurance. When renting a space, Airbnb provides up to $1 million in primary liability insurance to cover any injuries or property damage.

When someone offers a property on Airbnb, the Host Protection Insurance is automatically applied. This insurance will assist in covering the cost of medical expenses and other damages incurred as a result of a bodily harm sustained by a visitor while they are a guest on the owner’s property. Sadly, in order to preserve its financial viability, Airbnb may attempt to evade culpability for visitor accidents and fatalities. After a major accident, the wounded victim may need the assistance of a Denver attorney to collect just compensation from the property owner and/or Airbnb.

When can you file a lawsuit for an Airbnb injury in Denver?

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