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Thanksgiving safety tips

Thanksgiving is frequently a time for gatherings with family, food, and fun. A trip to the hospital may be the last thing on your mind during the Thanksgiving holiday, but regrettably, it happens frequently. Hot ovens, fryers, fire dangers, and drunk driving are all potential causes of terrible accidents and severe bodily injuries. By adhering to some common safety advice, you can keep your house and family secure this Thanksgiving.

Supervise cooking food for Thanksgiving

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, Thanksgiving is the highest day for home cooking fires. On Thanksgiving in 2016, fire agencies responded to 1,570 similar fires. Unattended cooking is the main reason for kitchen fires. A grease fire, for example, could start in the kitchen if food isn’t watched while it’s frying, grilling, broiling, boiling, baking, simmering, or roasting. Fire safety is critical, especially with a busy home and a lot of cooking going on at once.

Kitchen fires can easily spiral out of control, affecting the entire kitchen as well as the house. Being vigilant and keeping an eye on the cooking is the greatest way to avoid a kitchen fire this Thanksgiving. Keep yourself in the kitchen to watch food being cooked on a stove. Regularly check on anything cooking in the oven, including a turkey. Keep combustible items away from the oven and other heat and electrical sources. This can contain curtains, dry flowers or leaves for Thanksgiving, oven mitts, recipe cards, wooden spoons, paper towels, hand towels, paper towels, and paper towels.

Keep anything combustible well away from anything that could start a fire. Use an oven mitt whenever you handle hot dishes or food this Thanksgiving to avoid being burned. Before using any culinary utensils, inspect them for wear on the electrical wire and damage. Never leave the fryer alone if you are deep frying a turkey this holiday season. Put on safety gear, such as grill mitts and goggles. When deep frying, keep a fire extinguisher designed to put out grease fires handy.

Fire safety tips for your home

The day before and on Thanksgiving, fires pose a serious concern. Even though kitchen fires are the most frequent source of fire-related accidents and fatalities on Thanksgiving, flames can also break out due to fireworks, candles, frayed electrical cords on holiday decorations, or kids playing with matches. In case you need to take immediate action this vacation, keep in mind the fundamentals of fire safety.

  • Test each smoke detector.
  • Store fire extinguishers close at hand.
  • Make a family fire escape plan and practice it.
  • Keep children away from the kitchen.
  • Immediately leave the house if a fire breaks out.
  • Do not return inside for anything; instead, dial 911 for assistance.
  • Walk to a secure location and wait there

Visit a hospital right away if you get burn injuries. Infection risk is high following burns. On Thanksgiving, you might need to exercise caution and alertness to avoid a fire. Keep your family informed about the fundamentals of preventing and responding to a house fire. Avoid cooking while intoxicated or sleepy.

Watch out when driving on Thanksgiving

One of the deadliest days on the road is Thanksgiving. Traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday might put you in danger from things like backed-up traffic, terrible weather, intoxicated and drowsy drivers, and congestion. After the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving had the second-highest traffic death rate in 2017. Stay in over the Thanksgiving holiday if you can. Drive carefully if you must during Thanksgiving or the days that follow.

On most days, especially holidays, the rate of drunk driving rises after sunset. To prevent an accident with a drunk driver as it becomes dark, try to stay off the roads. If you intend to drink alcohol, always have a sober ride home or a designated driver. Take your car to a shop for repair before a protracted journey. To avoid traffic, check the weather where you’ll be driving and try to depart early. If you are not accustomed to driving at night, do not attempt it. To make it to your Thanksgiving destination alive, stay focused on the road and follow traffic regulations.

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