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Halloween safety tips

Once again, it’s time to pick out a costume, go to Halloween parties, and take the youngsters trick-or-treating. Halloween’s scariest element, though, shouldn’t be a physical harm. Due to frequently avoidable mishaps, thousands of families spend the holiday in hospitals and emergency rooms. Make safety your primary focus this year and enjoy the season without getting hurt.

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Choosing the right Halloween costume to avoid an accident

If you make a sensible choice, your child’s costume can increase safety. Choose one with reflecting elements and bright colors to increase visibility when trick-or-treating. This will enable nearby drivers to spot the strolling kids and either slow down or steer clear of them. To further assist, add reflective tape to trick-or-treat bags. Swords and other accessories for costumes should be short and made of soft materials. Make sure the wig and outfit you buy for your child are flame-resistant. Hats and masks need to fit snugly to avoid obstructing your child’s eyesight. Your child shouldn’t trip over the costume when walking, thus it should not drag on the ground.

Pedestrian safety on the holiday

Send little children trick-or-treating with an adult or mature adolescent. Children should move in groups to improve visibility and safety. Even if a community has blocked off the road to traffic, teach your children to stay off it. A driver not paying attention to road closure signs likely is not watching for a jaywalking child. For maximum safety, stay on the sidewalks and at crosswalks. Before crossing the street, kids should always look both ways. Tell your children not to text while walking if they have telephones. Educate your kids that they should never accept a treat from a stranger inside their home or in their car. Remind them not to consume any candy until you have examined their home for issues and they have returned. They ought to eat something before they depart so they won’t feel hungry while exploring the neighborhood. A flashlight can help your child avoid a slip and fall accident on an uneven sidewalk, hole, or other danger hidden in the dark.

Keep kids safe while driving

Driving on Halloween should be done with extreme caution. Reduce your speed and keep an eye out for kids and pedestrians as you drive. Try to avoid operating a vehicle in areas where trick-or-treaters are likely to be present. Keep your foot close to the brake pedal to be ready to stop in an emergency as children may suddenly run into the road. Never drive after drinking. Watch out for intoxicated drivers, especially if you’re driving at night. If you see someone driving erratically, such as swerving, weaving, drifting, or in any other way, stay away from them and call the police to report a possible intoxicated driver.

Be careful with Halloween decorations

Many people say their favorite part of the Halloween season is putting up the decorations. But it can also pose a threat to one’s health and safety. Make sure you use a ladder safely and with a spotter if you must. If you’re concerned about a fall mishap, get lights installed on your house by an expert. Avoid overloading outlets or circuits to prevent electrical fires caused by your decorations. Use fake candles to decorate rather than real ones, including inside jack-o-lanterns. Avoid placing any trip-and-fall risks in walkways if you have home visitors. Pathways should be well lit to prevent falls. If anyone attending has a history of epilepsy, seizures, or photosensitivity, avoid using strobe lighting.

Check candy and other treats before letting your child eat them

Ask your kids to empty their bags when they return from trick-or-treating so you can sort the candy. Even if you believe your neighbors to be trustworthy, it is wise to inspect the candy for any indications of fraud. Put away baked products, candy apples, popcorn balls, and anything else in its original packaging that looks homemade or not. Candy with broken or opened wrappers should be thrown away. Check candies for odd lumps or extraneous materials. Any candy that seems odd, like if it came from a brand you’ve never heard of, or that has an odd smell shouldn’t pass scrutiny. Look carefully for any glass, razors, needles, or pins. If you come across something hazardous, make a police report right away.

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